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Quick Jimmy and the Noodle boys

Quick Jimmy and the Noodle Boys is a show we finished creating the end of 2019. It took the better part of a year to create and is elaborate and detailed. The show is truly unique and designed for the doof.

The show is centered around a stunning and strange cart we built ourselves. The show is a cooking/comedy/puppet show set to a themed soundtrack played by a live DJ. The DJ plays an exotic strange mix that is choreographed to the dishes. There are 2 chefs, one on either side of the cart and they cook dishes on the burner in the middle. The entire dish is cooked with levers and strange gadgets, the chefs never touch the dish. We have performed the show at a number of smaller burn style events and every time we have had incredible feedback from the audience. 

some of the dishes are complex, some are dumb . we make the wolrd most elaboratly made cup of tea .

Quick Jimmy is essentially a sideshow. We have our own lighting system, smoke machine, and inbuilt sound system. We work best as an unexpected pop-up.

In a dark corner people stumble upon us. 

Follow our crew page on insta to see other doof sculptures and shows we have done @Dust_Monkey 

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